Away from the mountains

Excursions around Mayrhofen

Planetarium Schwaz

Zeiss Planetarium in Schwaz presents and explains the daily and annual trajectory of the stars, planetary movement and events taking place in our cosmos in a fully air conditioned domed hall. 

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Zillertal heritage train

The Zillertalbahn Railway belongs to a time when travel with the train was an adventure. It is one of the most well known working narrow railway lines of our time. A ride on the Zillertal Railway is a fun experience for the whole family

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Erlebnissennerei Zillertal

Discover the importance of the origins of high quality food! Visit the in-house shop offering regional products and learn about their production on the show farm and at the dairy.

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Silver mine Schwaz

A special adventure is the visit of the silver mine in Schwaz.  Follow the footsteps of the miners that dug for silver and copper more than 500 years ago .

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Swarovski Crystal World

The giant, the gardens, the Crystal Cloud and the subterranean Chambers of Wonder invite you to explore a magical place and modern art. 

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Gold mine

Feel how "alive" the insides of a mountain are and learn more about 350 years of mining history.

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